About Us

Cecilia is a Swedish photographer and I am a photographer originally from England. We have lived in New York and been friends for a long time.

Recently Cecilia was asked to photograph a wedding and invited me to join her. The wedding was so joyful and working together was such fun, we hope to do it again…. We think we have something unique to offer: Cecilia can follow the bride pre ceremony and I can follow the groom (I would prefer it the other way round, but you can’t have everything).

We are both old-school photography SUPERSTARS (think of us as the KEITH RICHARDS of wedding photography). If you are curious to see some of Hugh’s pre-rehab magazine work (I’m joking- really) check out: www.hughhales-tooke.com. Cecilia’s website is cecilialorenzpalma.com

Contact us through either of the sites (info@hughhales-tooke.com or info@cecilialorenzpalma.com)